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Meeting Point for Olive and Olive Oil Sector…

Olivtech “Olive, Olive Oil and Technologies Fair” Those who search for the best in Olive and Olive Oil will come together again in Izmir in April 27 - 30 2016, Anatolia’s golden fluid olive oil and olive, the fruit of peace, will turn into an international economic value in OLIVTECH..

OLIVTECH, where companies in olive and olive oil production chain from sapling to distribution, from machine to innovation technologies participate and come together with domestic and foreigner buyers, will offer you opportunities for establishing important business connections. 

Participants will meet with professional buyers from many countries all around the world in OLIVTECH, where promotion and buyer activities are carried out in domestic and international target markets unremittingly in parallel with the high targets of olive oil sector.

We wish you take part in OLIVTECH for increasing your domestic market share, while getting the opportunity of obtaining new markets abroad.